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Adjuvant understands that success comes from the efforts of its workforce and leadership. Our workforce understands and has an inherent drive to make the mission of our customers a success.  Why do we have such passion for our customers? 83% of Adjuvant’s employees have served in the military, worked for the federal government, or have grown up in one of these environments. Adjuvant knows what it feels like to be in the shoes of its customers.

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Ask Fred Casillas what drives him to lead Adjuvant every day. He’ll tell you it’s all about understanding the customer’s mission, having a loyal and highly technical workforce, and treating that workforce like family. The act of rewarding our employees and our effective and sound employment practices have led to an 87% retention rate since 2005 and a 94% employee satisfaction rate as reflected in our 2011 employee satisfaction survey.

Mr. Casillas recognizes that Adjuvant needs to take care of its workforce’s families.  Doing so allows the employee to focus on the needs of our customer. Adjuvant has an aggressive leave program, generous benefits plans, competitive compensation, and hosts semi-annual morale events for its families.

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